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Center for Alternative Justice

What is alternative justice?

The Center for Alternative Justice is a specialized area of the Attorney General’s Office whose task is to create solutions to criminal conflicts, according to law, involving the parties in alternative methods, provided they are willing and proactive. These methods include mediation, conciliation and negotiation; restorative justice is also applied.


How does the CAJ work?

  1. The applicant turns to the Center voluntarily.
  2. The conflicto constitutes a not grave crime.
  3. The applicant knows the name and address of the aggressor.
  4. There is a joint session with both parties involved where a solution is sought.
  5. If both parties reach an agreement, the expert supports them by writing the agreement that formalizes their will. S/he then hands a copy to each party.


Advantages of the alternative justice methods

  1. They are more agile and economic processes.
  2. Decisions are made by the parties, supported by an expert in alternative methods.
  3. There is less emotional fatigue by reducing tension and standoffs between the parties.
  4. There is no loser; it is a win-win soultion.
  5. Alternative justice contemplates mechanisms which seek conflicto resolution prpoosals that are more satisfactory to the victim and the accused.

Crimes that can be solved through alternative justice methods:
Theft, damages, injuries, threats, fraud, plundering, breaking and entering, noncompliance fro alimony.

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